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Florida's supplier of quality New stairlifts

Get to CHOOSE your perfect stairlift from multiple brands

Call us for friendly, no pressure, expert, local stairlift advice.

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** Surprisingly some of the big corporations have no after sales support for their products ask what their labor warranty (if any) covers? Call them out get details.


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We are proud to be the only FACTORY Trained *Stannah Stairlift* Specialist in FL

Find out why Stannah is the best stairlift on the market today

Check out some of our stair lift installations. All of our stairlifts are expertly installed by our experienced and trained technicians. So if you need a Curved, Straight, Indoor or Outdoor stair lift call us today. A safe reliable and economical solution is only a phone call away.


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Are you or a loved one tired of climbing stairs?
A stairlift could be the answer!

Gain independence and the full use of your home with the installation of a chairlift (stairlift).

"Our battery powered chairlifts keep running during power outages"

Your need for a stair lift is personal and you deserve a quality customized solution.

Choose from the TOP brands such as Stannah (ProLift), Sterling Harmar, Bruno and MediTek stairlifts. We offer them all and have some in stock for immediate installation.

A stair lift may assist you when recovering from a knee or hip replacement. Reduce the risk of a fall, escape from the pain of arthritis or to avoid that heavy breathing or a racing heart when climbing your stairs.

Get a Real Outdoor Lift        that will

What ever your specific reason for a stair lift or chairlift might be, find out more about our quality product range and enjoy your entire home once again.

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A quality Florida Stairlift may be your perfect solution.
Don't struggle with the stairs one more day

We can supply New, Refurbished and Rental stairlifts (indoor straight) that can be installed as soon as the next day!

Florida Stairlifts is proud to offer safe, reliable, quality built Indoor and Outdoor Straight rail lifts as well as true custom fit *Curving rail Stairlifts.

*Not made from a kit of parts cobbled together.


Florida Stairlifts offers you a choice of stair lift makes and models not just one brand that suits our company needs.

You get to choose a stairlift customized to suit YOUR exact needs.

All of our stairlifts are installed by our own caring, trained, experienced, licensed and insured stairlift technicians.

Let us be your "stairlift experts"

Florida Stairlifts, Inc. will be available even after you have your stairlift installed. We promise you exceptional after sales service and maintenance so you can enjoy your stairlift worry free for years to come.

For further information or to request service and product literature please use the confidential form below.

****Florida Stairlifts, Inc. staff now offer FREE assistance to social workers, case managers, physical therapists and facility discharge planners****

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You may have seen those scary Acorn Stairlift tv ads?

Acorn show the horror and dangers of a fall on the stairs.

A stairlift may certainly be the answer but often only if combined with other solutions specific to your needs.

Don't just get the scare. Get a proper, safe and reliable solution that is only available from an independent stairlift expert.

The risk of falling on the stairs is a serious household risk that should be evaluated for your own specific situation.

We would be pleased to visit your home and discuss your staircase needs and offer the best solutions.

All our advisers are knowledgeable in stair climbing solutions and will provide advice in a respectful, low pressure and no obligation manner.

Dont fall for high pressure scare tactics, do your research and work with caring professionals that can offer you options to prevent that fall.

How may we help you?

Let us know if you need to discuss your specific stair lift needs by telephone, receive brochures or schedule a FREE in home survey.

We appreciate your interest in our products and services.