Now you have decided a stairlift is the solution to your stair climbing difficulties - What next?

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Customize your stairlift so it becomes the perfect solution to your specific needs.
Don't struggle without a chair lift one more day.

Stair Lift options:

Quality Stairlifts: Fortunately poor quality built stairlifts are NOT an option with Florida Stairlifts, Inc. We will only sell safe, reliable and value for money stairlifts which are expertly installed to suit your specific needs.

We have carefully selected stair lift products that are reliable as many stairlifts offered on the internet are less than satisfactory!

It has come to our attention that some less reputable manufacturers are prepared to offer initially low prices, only to later reclaim the cost with inflated and outrageously expensive parts costs.

We understand that your stair lift is a necessity not a luxury!

Beware of paying less now but a lot more later just after the the unsatisfactory 1Yr very limited warranty is up.

Let Florida Stairlifts, Inc. be your "Stairlift Experts".

Swivel Seats: A swivel seat allows you to turn the seat when getting off the stairlift so that you face away from the drop of the stair case. This feature is available as a manual (standard) or powered operation option if you have difficulty rotating yourself in a chair.

Folding Hinged Track: If your staircase has a door or a walkway at the bottom, a folding hinged track will allow the track to fold out of the way when the stairlift is not being used. Florida Stairlifts recommends the selection of the "automatic powered folding hinged rail" option for this application as the track can be folded even if you are the top of the stairs.


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 Powered Footrest: This standard feature on the Stannah stairlift range of products allows the user to fold the footrest with just a push of a button on the armrest. A small motor folds or unfolds the footrest so the user does not have to bend over at the top of the stairs. Dont hop around trying to lift up that footrest get a Stannah. 

Seat Style: If you have a particular style of decor that you want to match we have a choice of seat types to offer ranging from traditional to modern. Stairlifts are no longer heavy, agricultural looking equipment but rather refined pieces of furniture that enhance your decor.

Upholstery Material and Colors: Many manufacturers give you the option to choose your stairlift seat and seat back upholstery. The choice range from high quality leather and fabric to hard wearing vinyl in a range of classic colors to blend in, or accent your stairway chairlift.

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MediTek outdoor model stairlift Stannah 400 model with Sofia seat option

MediTek 160 Outdoor Model - a lift truly
designed for outdoor use.

Stannah 400 Model with Sofia seat option

MediTek outdoor model stairlift

MediTek 160 Outdoor Model - a lift truly
designed for outdoor use.

Stannah 400 model with Sofia seat option

Stannah 400 Model with Sofia seat option

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