Get an Outdoor Stairlift that will last!

Don't make a mistake and buy an outdoor Stairlift model that is really only an overly expensive indoor stair lift with a cheap plastic bag stuck on top. 

Buy a TRUE Outdoor Specification Stair lift model. Look for the following features:

  • Thick section anodized aluminum track
  • Full sized rack and pinion positive drive system with corrosion resistant machine screw fixings.
  • Shielded rack section prenting debris building up
  • Conformally coated control PCB
  • Corrosion resistant finishes with zinc pre-treatment
  • Molded seat that does not soak up water or contain wood
  • Lap belt and not a retractable reel type seatbelt
  • Battery powered chairlift for smooth safe outdoor operation
  • Continuous charging of the batteries
  • A quality easy to fuse cover is included to keep your chairlift clean
  • Arm and hard wired remote controled operation - to call or send the chairlift 
  • Key locked remotes and stair lift seat to prevent unauthorized use
  • Adjustable seat to footrest height to suit your needs perfectly on some models
  • Ask if you can see a lift in your area or at least get some references
  • Check for full coverage and reasonable length parts warranty of 2 years or more. Nearly all manufacturers offer "life time" on motor / gearbox as standard. Don't get fooled by very "limited life time" warranties ask for the full and truthful details
True Outdoor Stairlifts are available just ask an Stair lift Expert who can explain all of the details to you.
Good luck and feel free to contact us for further information.

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