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If your staircase has curves what’s the best stairlift solution?

Posted by Jon Bovis

This situation is all too common in both modern and also older home construction.


So what are your stairlift options for multiple flights of stairs?

The ultimate curving stairlift solution -Stannah 260 model stairlift

The ultimate stair climbing solution; is a true “custom curving stair lift” such as the high quality Stannah 260 model. A curving lift will carry a single user safely and reliably up and down the stairs in one continuous run. This type of stairlift has a rail or track that securely attaches to the stair treads (not the wall as often thought) and perfectly follows every curve or turn of your staircase from top to bottom.

  Custom curving Florida Stairlifts Inc. stair lift  A true custom curved stair lift matches the staircase turns perfectly, no complaints with this one.

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You may choose from many rail configurations as well as multiple seat types to suit your comfort and décor. 

Pro’s for the custom curving stairlift

  • The safest stairlift for stairs that turn
  • User travels top to bottom in one continuous run
  • The rail or track design may allow the stairlift to park off the staircase walkway
  • Multiple options for seat design to suit your specific needs and décor.


  • As the stairlift is a custom design to perfectly match your staircase there is a short lead time.
  • Curved stairlifts are more complex and may cost more than two straight stairlifts


Two or more straight stairlifts; the installation of two straight Florida Stairlifts may also be a viable alternative to the custom curving stairway chairlift. Staircases with multiple flights separated by a “flat” landing can often accommodate two straight Florida Stairlifts. All users will of course be required to move from one stairlift to the next to complete a journey from top to bottom of the stairs. Hand rails and the addition of grab bars in strategic places may certainly help users transfer from one stairlift to the other.

    Two stairlifts on a split landing staircase     

In situations where the stairs have “pie” shaped steps separating the main flights of stairs careful consideration must be taken to ensure that the user will be able to safely negotiate getting on and off the seat over such steps. It is also possible in some instances to modify and eliminate the “pie” shape step completely before the stairlift is installed. Take advantage of your “free” Florida Stairlifts Inc. stairlift expert survey to get advice on staircase modifications.

Pie shaped steps may possibly be modified to suit two stairlifts        A split staircase with a flat landing will suit two straight stairway stairlifts

Florida Stairlifts straight stairlift models have seat heights that can be adjusted to make transfer from one stairlift to the other easier.

Pro’s for the two straight stairlift installed on a staircase with turns

  • Straight stair lifts are less complex and may cost less than a custom curving stairlift
  • Could be less expensive in most cases than a custom curving stairway chairlift
  • Multiple users may  travel at the same time from top to bottom
  • Multiple options available for seat design to suit your specific needs and décor.


  • If the stairlift rail is a custom cut to suit the length of each staircase flight to perfectly match your staircase there can be a short lead time
  • Users must be able to transfer from one stairlift to the other during the journey.
  • Pie shaped stairs may need modification to allow safe mounting and dismounting of the stairlifts

 MediTek also makes a great outdoor stairlift that will stand up to the weather

The Conclusion:

The deciding factor should be the physical capabilities and limitations of the stairlift users now and into the foreseeable future. Two stairlifts should not be installed if the user may not be able to safely transfer from one stairlift to the other. The ideal solution is to travel up and down the stairs in one continuous run with a custom curving stairlift. If your budget is tight then two straights may work for you but choose a stairlift that has a good resale value just in case you need to change to a curving rail stair lift.

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