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When is it best to rent a stairlift vs purchasing

Posted by Jon Bovis

 Often we are asked if it is possible to rent a stairlift instead of purchasing the chair lift outright.

The answer is YES you can from reputable stairlift specialists but with some limitations!

Your personal situation and product type required to suit your needs will dictate your decision.

Choosing a Stairlift Rental Company:

Choose the company carefully to ensure that you receive a FREE survey, evaluation and written quotation. Independent stairlift distributors will be able to give you a choice of quality, reliable and safe stairlifts that will match your exact needs.

Don’t be shy about asking for references and researching the track record of your potential stairlift supplier. Google “stairlift complaints”, use the BBB website and other consumer records / directories to really understand who you are working with.

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Not all stairlifts are designed equally in fact some are just plain cheap and under specified for normal users. You MUST demand your potential rental chairlift has at a minimum:

  • Swivel seat so that the user may safely get on and off the stairlift at the top landing
  • A positive drive system such as rack and pinion. Never accept rope hauled devices
  • All modern stairlifts are battery powered and will function even in a power outage
  • Appropriate rider weight capacity for your needs. Good lifts are minimum 264lbs – 350lbs
  • Are equipped with a key switch to prevent unauthorized use
  • Include an adjustable seat belt
  • Have an over-speed governor and safety gear device to guard against catastrophic motor gearbox failure.
  • Ensure all service calls and breakdowns are included at no charge to you.

Great brands that conform to or exceed the USA standards are MediTek Stairlifts, Stannah Stairlifts and Sterling Stairlifts, HandiCare stairlifts.

Typical reasons to rent are when the intended chairlift user/s are:

  • Recovering from an injury or surgery
  • Visiting a family member or living in temporary accommodations
  • Prefers to have a lower initial payment with a reasonable monthly fee
  • Just unsure of the model they will be comfortable using and don’t want to tied into a bad decision long term.

Rental stairlifts are intended for shorter term use rather than permanent installations. The breakeven point depends on your stairlift supplier and the make and model

Rentals over a year are often higher in cost than purchasing the lift. If that may be your situation some reputable dealers will change your rental agreement into a "rent to own" or just come to an arrangement with you to purchase the stair lift outright. Discuss this option before you begin the stair lift rental.

Typical Rental Stairlift Costs:

The standard arrangement for indoor straight track / rail rental stairlifts is that initially the customer will be required to pay an upfront the following items:

  • Stairlift installation fee normally $350 - $600 
  • De-install fee of between $200 - $500 
  • Minimum rental term charge typically 3 months at $180 - $300 per month
  • Refundable deposit $200 - $800 depending on the equipment rent and home ownership situation.

Rental Stairlift Type Limitations:

Stairlift rentals are almost always limited to "straight rail" stairlifts as these are stock able items and just require a suitable rail or track length.

Outdoor stairlifts types and custom curving stairlifts are extremely unusual to find from any stairlift distributor. This is due to the high reconditioning costs and custom rail construction required to suit your unique staircase design. 

If you have an outdoor stairlift need or require a lift that is in one continuous run to work on multiple flights of steps separated by a landing or your stairs have turns or pie shaped steps. You may be disappointed and have to purchase rather than rent the chairlift.

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